February 15, 2018

Since Net-Tell LLC saves itself a lot of money by using the Internet to route telephone calls instead of hardwired landlines, they are able to save their customers a ton of money, even as they offer service of very high quality. Their customers use the same landline phone they have always used or they can splurge on a really fancy phone, if they want, because they can afford it. They will all work, and anyone with a broadband connection will realize all phone calls sound at least as good as they did with the phone company.

The biggest real difference with Net-Tell LLC comes with the large number of extras their customers get as part of their service plan, including quite a few the local phone company often charge a fee to receive, if they are available at all. All phone plans come with unlimited domestic calling and no long distance charges, plus you get the lowest rates possible on international calls. With Net-Tell, LLC, the transition is seamless, so everything will seem very familiar, but you will save money.